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Frequently asked questions
What is Vedantu’s NEET Eklavya batch?
Eklavya 2022 is India’s most prestigious batch for NEET 2022 preparations. In this batch, you get a chance to avail Free mentorship from India’s Top NEET Experts.
How can I Join the NEET Eklavya 2022 Batch?
To join the NEET Eklavya 2022 batch, appear for our All India NEET Mock Test
Is NEET Eklavya 2022 batch free?
Yes, It is absolutely free for all NEET aspirants who pass Eklavya’s All India NEET Mock Test and qualify for the batch.
What are the benefits of joining the NEET Eklavya batch?

Once you crack Vedantu’s All India Mock Test you’ll be able to get following benefits from the Eklavya 2022 batch:

  • Tips Tricks & Strategies for NEET last mile preparation
  • In Class Question & Assignments
  • Doubt-Solving Sessions
  • Concept to Strengthen Your Weak Areas
  • Learn From India’s Top NEET experts
  • Before Exam Guru Mantra for 100% performance
Who’s going to teach in Vedantu’s Eklavya 2022 batch?
India’s Top NEET experts under the guidance of Dr. Vani Sud, who have been producing single digit ranks in NEET for so many years.
Why is Vedantu's Eklavya 2022 the best online course to crack NEET-2022?

Because Vedantu provides the following features to the deserving candidates absolutely free!

  1. 24/7 LIVE-Interactive Online Classes
  2. Training by India’s best Master Teachers
  3. Catering to students' needs at a 360-degree level
  4. Introducing Non-routine Subject Learning
  5. Improving Your Weak Areas
  6. Latest exam material based on the current guidelines

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